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Humans, Values, Technology - Web Science in Practice

Brave Conversations was created to bridge the gap between research and social practice in terms of the social impacts of emergent information technologies. We call this Web Science, the Theory and Practice of Social Machines. You probably just call it ‘managing your technology’.

Social interaction technologies underpin virtually every aspect of our daily lives but how often do we stop to think about the impact they are having, and question the day to day choices that we make. Brave Conversations seeks to unpack some of these choices and provide the space where the humans in the room can more fully understand, explore and investigate the world we are creating and its impact on our selves, our communities, our societies and our planet.

After having held Brave Conversations events around the globe we are seeing similarities and differences in the ways that different cultures and communities use technologies, their access to data and information, and their ability to think through the consequences.

In Sydney, we will explore how technologies are having an impact on our lives, communities and democracy by considering the spread of disinformation during the summer bushfires, exciting solutions to help bridge the data divide and improve lives and the local growing civic tech industry and amongst many other topics.

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In 2008 a group of people from industry, government, academia, and the community sectors came together to create the first Brave Conversations (then called the Meta conference) to create a forum for people to discuss and debate the emerging issues related to humans and their use of digital technologies.

At about the same time a group of luminaries from the Web world were creating Web Science in order to focus interdisciplinary research on precisely the same thing.

In 2017 these two groups came together to create Brave Conversations.

The Evolving Web

The Web dominates how most of us interact with each other and with the societies in which we live. It has provided new digital platforms which have given rise to the largest companies of the modern era; it has enabled massive societal change on a global scale, and it is facilitating powerful new socio-technical systems which are changing the very notion of human research, science and potentially human evolution.

We can feel that things are changing all around us, but

  • How often do we engage in a robust and challenging dialogue and debate about what sort of future we want to create for ourselves and for future generations?
  • How often do we feel that our opinions are respected, that we have the space to imagine real possibilities, and that we can take some proactive control of the world that is emerging?
  • How often do we feel that our opinions are respected, that we have the space to imagine real possibilities, and that we can take some proactive control of the world that is emerging?


The goal of Brave Conversations is to challenge and also empower everyone who participates. There is no pre-requisite of knowledge or expertise, and we seek to encourage as diverse a group of participants as possible from all walks of life, ages and stages.

We will explore the decisions that we make on a minute by minute basis and impact us all on a personal, community, societal and planetary level, in order to make explicit how our engagement with social technologies is changing everything.

We are all responsible for the world we are creating. It is time we were empowered to make it better rather than blindly feeling over-whelmed. In order to do this we need to learn from each other, play with ideas, and ask the questions that are both confronting and will take us to uncomfortable, yet important places.

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