Brave Conversations London 2018

Brave Conversations London 2018 took place on June 11 & 12 2018 in partnership with Soapbox Islington, UK.

Over 2 days, teams of diverse participants critically examined our current societies through the lens of systems, communications, governance and technology. All societies are shaped by their values, but all too often we don’t stop to identify what they actually are, nor how they underpin our daily lives. Brave Conversations enabled all to reflect on these, whilst exploring options to create a more balanced and sustainable future for both Humans and the planet.

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Photography © Bel Campbell 2018

Organising Committee

Bel Campbell, Intersticia

James Dellow, Soapbox Islington

Leanne Fry, AUSTRAC

Lydia Hascott, Social Innovation Consultant

Tris Lumley, Intersticia and New Philanthropy Capital

Anni Rowland-Campbell, Intersticia

Jo Wolfe, Social Impact Leader

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