Brave Conversations at the World Government Summit, Dubai 2018

Brave Conversations Dubai 2018 took place on February 12 2018 as part of the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE.

The Brave Conversations debate held at WGS 2018 asked the question "Is a machine driven world a better world?"

The accelerating rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is accompanied by both optimistic promises and serious warnings. In between the two extreme sides, governments and societies find themselves facing an unprecedented challenge to understand the constantly changing state of AI and technology, and, as Professor Stephen Hawking has recently stated, "Stop for a moment and focus not only on making our AI better and more successful, but also on the benefit of humanity.”

This was the first event we held outside of Australia - see our blog about it here.

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Brave Conversations at the World Government Summit, Dubai 2018 © Bel Campbell 2018

Debate Panel

Chaired by Leanne Fry


Elizabeth Linder

CEO, Conversational Century

Gregory Curtin

CEO, Civic Connect

Richard Stirling

CEO, Oxford Insights

Ajit Jaokar

CEO, Future Text

Organising Committee

Leanne Fry, AUSTRAC

Ibrahim Elbadawi, ODI

Bel Campbell, Intersticia

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