Brave Conversations Kingston 2018

Brave Conversations Kingston 2018 took place on July 18 and 19 2018 and was organised by The Broadcasting Commission, Jamaica.

Brave Conversations Kingston was our first pilot for Jamaica which brought around 30 people together from a range of backgrounds of which half were under 25. The objective was to explore how Brave Conversations could be tailored to Jamaica for maximum impact in stimulating conversations about the future of work, education, digital literacy, governance, values and culture.

Brave Conversations Kingston was held within the context of the Jamaican government's efforts to raise digital literacy and technological awareness amongst young people in order for the country to become more competitive on the global stage. It also occurred shortly after British Prime Minister Teresa May’s public apology to the government of Jamaica for the Windrush controversy.

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Brave Conversations Kingston 2018 photography and video by Digita* Global